Need help with Shimano E-Tube

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I would like to programme my R8070 Ultegra Di2 shifters so that the hood switches change the gears on the rear cassette, my problem is that I only have Apple Mac computers, iPhones and Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge. I have not got the wireless junction so have to wire my Di2 in order to programme it the way I want.

E-Tube will not run on an Apple MAC
E-Tube is apparently bricking peoples Di2 using Android
The missus iPhone does not accept a USB
I don't own a windows PC

Is anyone aware of any adaptors I can buy in order to connect an iPhone to Di2 charger so I can update/programme my shifter hood buttons.


  • StillGoing
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    Just buy the D-Fly unit and a short Etube, or, take it to your LBS and ask them to program it for you for a small fee.
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  • mr_mojo
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    You’ll need the di2 wireless unit EW-WU111 and the new battery BT-DN110 then download the E-Tube app from the Apple App Store. Normally works ok!
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    Never expected it to be such a kerfuffIe! will just pop down to my LBS and get them to programme it for me, once the hood buttons are set to change gears on the cassette (for when I am out of seat climbing) I don't think I will ever need to touch it again.

    Maybe in the future I will invest in the D-Fly unit when I purchase a stages power meter and new computer.