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hey guys new member here long time rider.

so i am more of your offroad style of rider, never been that into the details and what not about bikes just kind of got one and rode it,

i have the 2016 boardman full suspension 20' bike and was wondering what modifications you guys would make to it as i am doing the london to brighton ride this year,

i have attached a picture of the bike i have and hope it comes up.

any advice is welcome

thanks guys


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    No picture.

    What does it not do that you want it to do?

    But I'd buy or borrow a road bike.
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    London t to Brighton m is on road (it was when I did it years ago) so if you are not on a road bike and are using g your FS then.
    Fit narrower road oriented tyres and pump up well
    Lock out rear suspension and front forks.
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    There is an L to B off road as well as an on road, which one are you doing?
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