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Which wheelset would be best for UK roads out of these options?

Blade180Blade180 Posts: 70
edited April 2018 in Workshop
The question is pretty much in the title of this post. I found some wheelsets online I don't know which ones would be most durable for the UK roads. My current bike is ... ack_323873

I have upgraded some components already, the spokes of the wheel started to snap week after week so now I need a new wheelset.

Here are my current finds within the budget that I happy to spend.

1. ... t-EV151006
2. ... 6-EV254265
3. ... -wheelset/
4. ... _85569.htm

That is all really within my budget, I'm really leaning towards miche but I have not decided yet.
Which would be the worst of the best? In order


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