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Elite Direto Level mode

yellowv2yellowv2 Posts: 275
I have recently bought an Elite Direto and am new to smart trainers.
My question is regards level mode and oscillation, and whether this is normal? I am finding it constantly adds and releases resistance which makes it difficult to maintain a constant cadence/power, when compared to my old fluid trainer.
Is this the norm with this tyoe of trainer in level mode or is it just the Direto, or might there be a problem with my particular unit.
I am using the trainer with The Sufferfest if this makes any difference.


  • gleaneygleaney Posts: 32
    Perfectly normal. I also have a Direto and it is incredibly accurate. If your target power is say 206 watts. You can see fluctuations of maybe 195 then 220 then 215. You can iron these out by playing with the power smoothing in the advanced settings on the myETraining app.
    I personally don’t use the training software on the app. I use TrainerRoad.

    Hope this helps.
  • src1src1 Posts: 301
    I found the same on my Direto too, but then I've only done one workout on it, my normal use is Zwift. There's a Facebook group for Direto users, you might get some advice there.
  • yellowv2yellowv2 Posts: 275
    Yes it is helpful to know it is normal and just requires my getting used to the way it operates.
    I haven’t tried Trainer Road but am finding The Sufferfest quite good so far.
  • gleaneygleaney Posts: 32
    Hi again. I’ve had multiple emails from Elite about this very thing and it’s normal. One thing I did notice on mine was that when the target power was below 150 watts I could not feel the resistance drop when the target power became say 86 watts. This is because the machine has it’s own internal friction so effectively you have to pedal at a slower cadence to achieve that target power of 86. Also even though the machine is Bluetooth and ANT+. TrainerRoad advise you to use one or the other as it can get confused. I personally haven’t found this to be an issue.

    Hope this helps.
  • yellowv2yellowv2 Posts: 275
    That’s interesting.
    As I have also asked elite about it and they have responded this morning saying it shouldn’t happen and that I should be able to maintain an even cadence in level mode. They are suggesting I try the ANT+ receiver closer to the trainer and see if that makes a difference and report back to them.
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