R8000 rear derailleur mounting

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Fitted my brand spanking new Shimano Ultegra R8000 Groupset today. 8)

The rear derailleur arm seems perilously close to the spokes though when in the big ring. The limit is set correctly, if i take it in any further it shifts down a cog. Is this narrow margin normal? Seems like it would go into the weel with the slightest nudge or wobble... :shock: Normal?



  • Vino'sGhost
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    That looks like your hanger is bent, get your alignment tool and check, as an indication the cage should be in line with the sprocket; if it’s not then either the hanger is bent or the mech is. (Or both)

    It’s a simple and pretty standard job to sort.
  • Andymaxy
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    Ya I think it's a bent hanger, I've got a dura ace 9100 RD, it's the same as ultegra pretty much, it's not like that.
  • Bergwerk
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    Ok, going to check out the hanger. Thanks!
  • wondering if you had issues removing the rear wheel with the new mech I certainly have.
  • Bergwerk
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    that certainly does not seem to be as easy as before!