Help with headset & forks please

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Hi All

I just had my lbs press a Ritchey WCS external headset into a Lynskey Titanium frame.

All good with the headset.

I already had some Ritchey Comp Carbon forks going spare and when I got the frame home I tried to fit the forks.

The steerer tube just above the crown has a lip and the lip won’t pass through the lower bearing cup.

The bearing passes fine as I removed it from the bottom cup and placed on steerer tube so it’s not the bearing it must be the cup that’s too narrow.

Should I just get new forks or try to sand the lip down so steerer will pass through the headset?

Thanks in advance



  • cooldad
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    Sure it's not the old crown race still on the forks?
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  • cij28
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    No def not the crown race
  • cij28
    cij28 Posts: 1,272
    It’s the slight lip above the crown race that won’t pass through the headset cup.

    Never had this before will have to change the headset I guess.

    Weird as both headset and forks are Ritchey!
  • sandyballs
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    Are the top and bottom cups the same, could they have pressed them the wrong way around?
  • cij28
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    Correct cups pressed into correct positions.

    It’s very strange!

    Sending the headset back and will get a Chris King or Hope instead!
  • Vino'sGhost
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    How can that be?

    The bearing passes down the steerer and sits on the crown, but the steerer wont go into the head tube through the same bearing when the hole is the same?

    Ffs dont grind your steerer tube.
  • cij28
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    Never said it didn’t fit through bearing it’s the cup and I didn’t ever suggest grinding the steerer tube either??

    Anyway hope headset fitted today and all is good so it was an issue with the Ritchey headset not fitting!