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Wheel bearings for Pro Lite Bracciano Caliente

joenobodyjoenobody Posts: 561
edited March 2018 in Workshop
I have a set of Pro Lite Bracciano Calientes. I've been told the rear bearings will need to be replaced soon so I was looking for bearing kits. The OEM kits appear to be out of stock everywhere, but I believe that I can use generic bearings - I stumbled across hambini in my quest for more info, and there's some useful info on his YouTube channel. According to Pro Lite I need 1x 6802-2RU and 1x 6902-2RU. I can find both bearing sizes fine, but nothing that matches "2RU", at least not from one of the manufacturers that hambini recommends. Can anyone recommend suitable alternatives? hambini sells bearings that are LLB and LLU, would either of these options be suitable?


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