Disc brake failure

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So commuting back on my trusty knackered old commuter mtb and something bigish hit my front spokes, rattled around a bit then shot away, didn't think anything of it, I was going down a busy A road with traffic passing at approx 40mph (30 zone). Only problem I found for rest of journey was no front brake power but as I'm on disc brakes, could see the brake was in the right place and had no problems with pedalling I couldn't work out the problem. On getting home I noticed that the front disc brake is now missing the inbound pad holder thing that screws in and out to allow pad changing and adjusting.
I've emailed Clarks who made the brake but haven't heard anything yet.
Question is if I can't get a replacement do I swap for a cheap mechanical disc brake, change for a cheap hydraulic, or change both for cheap hydraulic?
The observant may notice there isn't much money to be spent on this. Is swapping up to M2 Clarks hydraulics for 40 quid going to be worth the effort for instance?


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    Almost any hydraulics are going to be better than cable discs, assuming that's what you had.

    Although from your description of your bike a bit of TLC might be called for.

    Clarks won't help - they manufacture, you need to use a retailer if you want bits.
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  • No need to spend money on hydraulic brakes. There isn’t a lot of love on this forum for mechanical disc brakes, but you can’t beat them for cheap reliable all weather braking and I love simple things I can easily fettle myself. If you commute on road then a cheap mechanical disc brake will meet your needs, and it is easy to learn to modulate the power you apply. Disc brakes last about 4 years on my london commuter bike which stays outside mon – fri. A bit of lubricant on the cable from time to time and regular pad changes are all you need.
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    I nearly lost the inside pad from a clarkes mechanical caliper.

    I'd say if you've flat bars £40 on some hydro brakes will be a bargain, I spent nearly £300 on some HyRds for my commuter just to get away from the constant adjustment of my old cable brakes and don't regret it at all.
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    Thanks for the info guys, time to decide