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Greetings everyone

Following a car crash that destroyed said car, I picked up a hybrid - Felt Q85 - and joyfully returned to biking after 20 odd years of zero exercise (well, apart from skiing that is). I commute daily the marathon-grade distance of 4km (there and back) with a total elevation gain of about 70m or so. It’s downhill in the morning - which is ideal because I don’t function properly before noon. It’s been a couple of years now, winter included, and I must say my general happiness level increased significantly. I only ride on weekends if it’s nice and sunny and I do about 25 km (round trip) to this café in the countryside where I have beer and sausage and fries cause life’s too short too worry about cholesterol. And I smoke. My lungs give in before my legs, and I went down from 86 kg (1m78) to about 76kg in the first 6 months. Average speed is about 20km/h. I have logged 2500 km in 18 months.

The bike is called « Cow » and it has a picture of a lovely cow where the logo used to be (black marker and electrical tape to hide it). I have operated the following modifications: electrical tape on all the coloured bits to make it less flashy, Brooks swallow saddle that adopted my bum after about 1500km, added a mirror, a bell and lights. Removed the largest ring in the front (never ever used it), the plastic chain thingie next to the cassette in the back and recently changed the chain and the tires following two punctures in 2 weeks (Schwalbe marathon). Also added a totally cool bike tax aluminium plate in the back from 1982 and a very hipster Brooks saddle tool bag, of the removable kind. Changed the pedals because I didn’t like the plasic ones the bike came with. Deore derailleur in the back, Alivio in the front, hydraulic disc brakes (stock). Also Brooks handlebars that have become particularly dirty and black.

I don’t race other bikers and happily stay behind girls with nice legs, ring the bell and wink at them at traffic lights. I’ve had one nasty crash when returning drunk from a music festival - woke up with the sheets all bloody and stuck to my (superficial) wounds. No damage to the bike except some scratches on the saddle. Derailleur miraculously survived.

I have noticed that distances have become significantly shorter since travelling by bike, I go fishing much more often and actually wake up early in the morning before my better half emerges from between the sheets to ride around town. I don’t dare bleed the brakes myself and have found this hippie bike shop that does it for me for a very reasonable price and makes fun of me for the very unprofessional attitude I have towards biking.

I acquired an Edge 25 - which is totally cool - but I hate them for the charger (seriously guys, how many damn cables must I carry around with me? What’s that crappy battery life? Pff.).

I will never shave my legs or apply lubricant to my crotch, nor do I wear the fancy jersey or a helmet. I carry a backpack and several T-shirts as I sweat like a pig. I always have a flask with rhum and am never more than 20 minutes away from a wine dispensing establishment.

Girls and boys, I have read much of this forum, learned many things and I thank you for the useful information you share. Whether you’re curious or not, pictures of the Cow shall follow.

Rock’n roll!
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    Good work!
    The above may be fact, or fiction, I may be serious, I may be jesting.
    I am not sure. You have no chance.
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    PB is the most sensible person on here.
  • Great work. A great attitude to our pastime. Keep enjoying.