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A brace of Belgians

Ned FlandersNed Flanders Posts: 25
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Firstly my Ridley Damocles. It's the run out model bought in 2013. Ultegra 5700 all round (50/34 11-28) with Fulcrum Quattro and GP4000S 23mm. I tried 25mm but sadly they don't fit under the frame which makes a mockery of the "Tested on pave" decal on the frame.

Incidentally that's the same bar tape I wrapped 4yrs ago. Deda somethingorother. I wish I could remember the exact type as it's worn extremely well and it's never been a garage queen. It's done over 10,000km and I can't see that I'll ever sell it, not least because I'd need to find someone exactly my height and inside leg.


Second my Plant X XLS. OK I'm pushing it a little calling this Belgian...

Bought the frame a while back as a groadie project and just finished it. No idea how it rides yet because I've not fitted pedals or got SPD shoes yet so it'll need the saddle and bars adjusted.

105 5800 groupset (50/34 11-32) with CX77 calipers and Ice-Tech rotors. Wheels are Hunt 4Season Gravel fitted with TL G-One 35mm. Finishing kit Deda, 4ZA and Charge.



  • btw they aren't stored in that shed with the puny lock. They're hung up in the garage next to the turbo.

  • ugo.santaluciaugo.santalucia Posts: 28,022
    The Ridley is a classy bike and a keeper
    left the forum March 2023
  • That turbo set-up looks soul destroying
    I'm sorry you don't believe in miracles
  • That turbo set-up looks soul destroying
    It is. But then aren't all turbos?

    I have Netflix, Trainerroad and a fan to keep me sane in there.
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