Ultegra PD-6800 Carbon Pedal Spares

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Have a fairly worn left pedal body plate on a set of Ultegra PD-6800 carbon pedals, and after fitting a brand new set of cleats I'm getting a pronounced click from the left pedal (which goes away if I shift my foot position). I've ruled out every other possible source of this noise, and it does seem to be this plate causing a little movement of the shoe when clipped in.

The plate itself is fixed with 4 tiny screws, and on previous ultegra pedals I was able to source a replacement plate for about £10. Having checked the shimano techdocs, they don't list a part number for this on the Ultegra PD-6800 (carbon) ... surely there is a replacement part available somewhere (or a compatible one, e.g. from the Dura-Ace range) ... didn't get much joy checking with SJS Cycles - who were pretty helpful.

Anyone replaced the pedal body metal plate on these pedals? If so, which part did you use, and from where.



  • on closer inspection it may not be the pedal body plate after all (which doesn't have a part number for replacement).
    It looks like the lip that the front of the cleat hooks under has worn excessively - when compared with the right pedal ... and it's now very thin, which seems to be allowing some vertical movement of the cleat when clipped in, as well as a slightly larger float range.

    Looks like the pedal is toast - which sucks that it's worn out after only 12 months or so - maybe 8000 miles of riding, in all weathers. Guess I should probably look to try and find an allow body pedal from the previous ultegra generation product line.
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    If your selling them then I'd be interested (at the right price) as both my 6800 pedal spindles have play/worn.
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    Any luck sorting this? I have damaged the carbon body on my left pedal due to a crash the other day so want to replace it.

    Mugen - if you'd accept 105 spindles, you're welcome to mine at a fair price if I can't replace the pedal body.
  • Any luck sorting this? I have damaged the carbon body on my left pedal due to a crash the other day so want to replace it.

    Nope sadly not, it appears the only replaceable bits on these pedals are the pedal axle components. I had to just buy another set. About 7000 miles on a set of carbon pedals and they are worn out ... about 30,000 miles on a set of the ultegra alloy pedals and they were still fine - I only swapped so they matched the new 6800 groupset on the new bike. Pity they don't seem to make alloy pedals for the 6800 groupset?
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    What a pain.

    Not sure what state yours are in but I've just bought a pair of used ones of eBay. One broken, one working, so I'll have a pair of broken pedals. Left side carbon body, right side metal plate and maybe thread underneath in carbon body where it screws in.

    Not sure if that's any use but when they arrive I'll send you pics to see if anything can be salvaged?
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    Edit. Upon rereading it appears we both have worn left hand pedal bodies. Oh well