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Which endurance road bike?

RowanCaseRowanCase Posts: 6
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I'm loosely looking for:
Aluminium frame (but would consider carbon)
Shimano Ultegra 11-32 / 34-50
Rim brakes (but would consider discs)
Clearance for at least 28” tyres
Women’s specific touch points (narrow 38” wide, and shallow handlebars, women’s specific saddle)
Mudguard compatible

Up to £1,750 (but less would of course be great)
Not too much to ask?!
Really like the Trek Silque S6 2017 but not sure anywhere has it available in a 50cm frame?
Open to all suggestions! Really keen to get the fit right, as aiming to do long days!

Thanks so much,


  • dizzydanedizzydane Posts: 335
    Hi Rowan,

    With your budget you shouldn't have too much trouble finding a bike that meets your criteria. I agree, the hardest part is getting the fit right. I am 5,4" - 164cm in height with a 78cm inseam. I love my Trek Madone - 50cm frame (and have some other bikes for training and commuting).

    I have found SRAM to fit better for my small hands than all Shimano shifters. If you find the Trek 50cm fits you well, then I'd suggest looking for bikes with similar frame geometry.

    Bikes I know of with compact frames and set up [8cm stem, 38cm compact handlebars] are:
    Specialized Amira range - 51cm frame
    Cannondale Synapse Women's range - 48cm frame
    Liv Avail range - XS frame
    Ribble Woman's range - S frame (spec the bike the way you like it)
    Felt Woman's range - 47cm frame

    You may have to look at cyclocross bikes for tire clearance and mudguard mounts, but I've found its's all irrelevant if the bike does not fit you properly. I have a winter trainer that does not have mudguard mounts, but the SKS Raceblade Long 2 Mudguards work well on most road bikes and you can buy P-clips to attach them.

    Hope this helps!
  • JaymeJayme Posts: 48
    I wouldn't suggest Amira for endurance from specialized, but the Ruby if she wants WSD
  • ... c-8-0.html

    There's also a 105 carbon model for a bit more.

    Technically no guard mounts, but it can be done if you search around online.
  • Hi
    I have also been looking for same. I have spoken to Trek dealer and their online chat but there are very few/no Silques left in uk which is a shame because it was a super model range. It appears to be identical to Domane model although marketed as wsd. Trek now have a wsd Domane which is the new Silque!
    You would be doing well to get ultegra for that price. But you might get a 105 equipped domane which has guard mounts and will take a 32 mm tire. The carbon frames are lovely and if you are very keen on ultegra you could change parts.
  • JSBRJSBR Posts: 13
    I would definitely try out the Specialized Ruby before you buy. It is extremely comfortable especially on longer rides.
    There are a range of options and I think you could probably find a last season bargain somewhere.
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