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Moving from Road - Spec Advice Please

NeilMickNeilMick Posts: 98
edited March 2018 in MTB buying advice

I used to do a fair bit of road cycling but stopped due to an injury and then when I got back on it felt like the roads were full of nutters.

I now want to get back into cycling but mountain biking, I think I've narrowed my choices down to the following 2 bikes but without knowing much about MB components wondered if someone could tell me which is best and why or if there is something else which offers the same/more for similar money! Thanks

or ... -19-frames



  • 02gf7402gf74 Posts: 1,168
    Until a few years ago, mtb meant 26in wheels. Nowadays there is a choice from 29, 27.5 and least popular 26.

    Unless you are tiny in height then I say go for 29 in, any reason you chose 27.5?

    I assume your budget is £500?
  • NeilMickNeilMick Posts: 98
    I'm 171cm/5ft7 and read that a 27.5 would suit a shorter rider plus also helps reduce weight a little bit, is there really much difference between 27.5 and 29? Seemed like a good middle ground.
  • DrZoltanDrZoltan Posts: 6
    Hi Neil,
    27.5" will be also more agile, but for general (not hardcore) off-tarmac activities, I would choose a 29er -smoother, more stable and relaxed ride (I'm even shorter -5ft5).

    But there are many individual preferences, did you try already any of these bikes? It might be worth to consider buying a second hand bike to get first impressions of what you do/ do not like before making a final investment.
  • 02gf7402gf74 Posts: 1,168
    Re 27.5,sounds like a good plan.
  • slc123slc123 Posts: 407
    As always it’s going to come down to a couple of things, what is your budget and what type of biking do you expect to be doing? Some more info may help narrow down the recommendations

    27.5 is a good starting point as you are getting the blend of speed and agility.

    Looking at the 2 bikes mentioned I would consider the bizango. It’s a common recommendation and for your price point probably one of the best available
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  • NeilMickNeilMick Posts: 98
    My budget is £500-£550, I live in a pretty flat part of the country so it will mostly be flat trails more than anything downhill.

    I was looking into second hand bikes but then I run the risk of buying something that's already worn out or not working 100%.
  • NeilMickNeilMick Posts: 98
    Looking at second hand bikes as a starting point, any comments on this? Looks like it has some upgraded components over what I've been looking at.
  • DrZoltanDrZoltan Posts: 6
    You wrote that you had some experience with road cycling - main rules for evaluation what is the condition of the bike are the same. But it might be hard to conclude using only photos. The bottom line is - whatever you buy - as a beginner - try if it is comfortable for you.
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