Bike lights: Solar headinghts [sic] vs old Cateye EL020

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When my Cateye EL020 solar headlight charge retention waned too much after many years use I went looking for a replacement but found it was out of production. I came across the no-brand, 'Solar headinghts [sic]' which seems to have acquired the old Cateye design. Anyone else tried it? I have and they are good for the price but rather curious. Bizarrely, the misspelling is the main text on the actual product (how... how did that ever pass into production? :shock: ). I can't comment on the charge longevity of either, except they've been perfectly adequate for my needs, however I don't cycle long journeys and haven't logged anything but here are some observations comparing the two...

No-brand, 'Solar headinghts [sic]'
    Cheap at around a tenner Solar and USB charging The button is nice and prominent (the cateye design had it tucked away) although this may not be best for wet weather. As with the cateye (as the casing is almost exactly the same) it props up at the right angle to sit on your windowsill and catch the light.

    The rubber plug for the USB socket easily slips out. Not great for wet weather. The flashing mode is more like disco strobe lighting. A bit epileptic fit inducing. Slightly harder than the Cateye model to remove from the bracket.

Cateye EL020 Hybrid Front Bike Light
    Solar charging. Includes a regular battery that you can replace so you won't get caught out when the solar charge runs out and the whole unit won't become defunct when the rechargeable battery that is hardwired in wanes. Solid metal casing Easy to remove from the bracket. As with the no-brand one (as the casing is almost exactly the same) it props up at the right angle to sit on your windowsill and catch the light.

    Expensive at around £40 when I bought it along time ago. It did however come down to around £20. Unavailable. They've seemingly ceased production. You can access the rechargeable battery but can't replace it unless you have some soldering skills as it's hardwired in. For £40 I'd want a little more longevity. Mine doesn't hold much charge now after quite a few years use. No USB charging. On/off switch is a little tucked away but not a major issue. The slider switch to switch between the solar charged battery and the regular battery only has a dot as a label and a blank making it very difficult to remember which one is which.

My ideal specs would be a combination of the two with USB charging with a better rubber plug for waterproofing, space for a regular battery, a replaceable solar charged battery, metal casing and a properly labelled switch to go from regular battery to rechargeable. Having said that I'm pretty happy with my Solar headinghts so far.