Elswick turbo12 what to do

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I'm in the process of getting an Elswick turbo12 in a rather fetching shade of brown! Think its an early 80s model. Now it seems like it's in fair nick and the current owner says its in original condition except the current seat. I got it as a doer upper and to use during summer to commute to work (then continue using the mtb with disc brakes in winter which I'm currently on). Now the question is what to do with it. Do I keep it as original as possible and look after it like it is or as it's nothing special strip it down, and make it in to a single speeder for a bit of fun. Maybe redo the paint job to modernise it etc. Oh the choices. Opinions and thoughts more than welcome.


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    As you say, it's nothing special. Keep the paint, but use it however you want..
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    Cheers I got it for the frame size as its quite big (I'm 6'5) and my current bike is a little small for me. My plan for it is mainly as a commuter to change things up a bit and have something that is a bit more comfy for me on longer rides. It's cost me buttons so I'm not too fussed about using it to commute. Just need to sort out a bit of rust I think.