6870 DI2 battery discharges during a ride

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Bike has not been out for the last two weeks due to the snow. Last charged on the 4th of Feb, but only to Flashing green on the junction indicator. I have done three rides since then totaling 230 kms. Flashing green this morning as well. Stopped for tea at 35 km, I always go into the small ring when stopping in case I finish on the big sprocket on the rear, this is to stop the chain from flying off, I am always careful where the levers rest to stop the switches moving when at the tea. The bike was fine afterwards and 10 km later, the front derailleur moved the chain from the large ring to the small ring by its self. Tried to moved it back up, but to no avail. Checked the battery indicator and it is now solid red. Cycled the last 10 kms on the rear derailleur movement only. When I got home, I plugged in the charger to my PC to check things and after about six minutes I had to disconnect it for the software up update, checked the front derailleur and working ok now. ..Looking back my switches were not pressing during the tea stop, because when I restarted, the chain did not run up or down to anoter sprocket/ Chain ring. The battery is first one and on the bike since Mar 2015 and in the past I have cycled well into the red for about 300 kms before charging. The battery has always been great before this. I will charged it fully now and see how things go......Anybody else see a rapid discharge while out on a ride?


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    Fault found and repaired. All working OK now.
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    sextoke1 wrote:
    Fault found and repaired. All working OK now.

    want to share in case someone else is or has the same problem in the future?
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    Battery voltage dropping by 0.07 volts per day while connected to all components, recorded this for a week and then removed the seat post and checked the battery on it own ( in case any one asks, the battery also contains the master unit, this was not taken apart). The battery still dropped 0.07 volts per day. Before this, I had checked the loading on the FD & RD, both draw 9 mA . The problem seems to be the cold weather and the garage that the bike is stored in( the same since Mar 2015) The charger( same one) I changed it to the Garmin one that came with my 500 edge that I got in Nov 2012. Since I had the problem, all seems OK and I am not in a hurry to replace it, even though I am taking it to Italy in a few weeks.
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