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Which Bike for Aston Hill Bike Park

Zepplin1Zepplin1 Posts: 5
edited March 2018 in MTB buying advice

For a long time I have dreamed about shelling out for more expensive mountain bike and I've saved up my pennies and finally have a budget of between £3000 - £3500 to spend.

Also I've always wanted to get into the trails at Aston Hill but can't figure out what bike would suit. I don't think I want a full Down Hill rig as I do want to also ride more conventional trials. I've always lusted over either a Santa Cruz 5010 or a Bronson and reckon I could pick either up second hand but not sure a 5010 would handle the surface to air or Black Runs or if the Bronson would either. The 5010 looks great for general trail riding.

I suppose my questions would be what bikes would work for covering both Aston Hill and general trail riding or perhaps there is no bike which can cover both well?

Help would be massively appreciated as I've put off buying a bike for years and ready to spend the cash but really want to get this right.

By the way I am male and 5ft 9 and weigh 12 stone.



  • JGTRJGTR Posts: 1,404
    YT Capra, YT Jeffsy, Canyon Spectral, Whyte S150/T130/G170, Bird Aeris

    My money would be on the Capra or G170
  • eric_draveneric_draven Posts: 1,192
    Transition Patrol as well,there is some really good secondhand ones kicking about,quite a beast on the downs and decent at climbing,go for a 2016 onwards as the 15' has a low bottom bracket,a Giant Reign is also worth a look,if I was buying new I would lean toward a YT a lot of bike for your money
  • Zepplin1Zepplin1 Posts: 5
    Thanks guy, are you therefore saying the 5010 and Bronson are not suitable bikes for that kind of riding or rather that there are other better or better value bikes than those Santa Cruz bikes?
  • JGTRJGTR Posts: 1,404
    You are asking 2 question -

    Will the Santa Cruz handle Aston Hill - yes
    Best suited bike for £3-£3.5k for gravity and general trail riding - see answers above

    If you’ve always wanted a Santa Cruz then go for one if those, but for your budget something like a Capra would be better suited and better value
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