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CAADX 105 2017 - Changing Chainset

knightlore21knightlore21 Posts: 44
edited March 2018 in Workshop
Hi - I have a 2017 CAADX as a winter bike and I am looking to swap out the Chainset. Bike came with a FSA 46/36 and want to swap out for a 50/34.
I have a FSA Gossomer Chainset that I took off a Boardman Team Hybrid a few years back - would this fit straight on ? If not, what would i need for it to fit and/or what would i need to be able to fit a Shimano Chainset? Thanks


  • Stuart46Stuart46 Posts: 26
    The FSA will probably fit, but the Shimano would probably need a different bottom bearing.
    However if your changing chainsets it would probably be good to change your bottom bearing anyway.
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