Prudential Ride London 100 (2018) Training

Hi everyone,
It has dawned on me that in 20 weeks’ time, the PRL100 will be going ahead and I am not ready - I'm a NEWBIE, well sort of!
In 2016 I did ride in the PRL100 and completed it - just!
Since this time, due to family barevement, personal sickness and work commitments, I have only ridden literally half a dozen times since July 16. As I have been awarded a place this year, I felt it necessary to consider myself a NEWBIE due to my fitness levels, lack of road experience, no Peloton (group riding) experience and need for support along with thousands of other first timers. My only difference is that my NEWBIE status comes with a little knowledge and a big desire to help all those people who have not completed or out of shape and are in the event this year too.

I realised too that I was not the only person new to this event and certainly not the only person who could use some advice, training partners, guidance, tips and info.

How do you find like-minded people that are in this years’ event? Presently, still working on that.

For my own sanity and 'putting myself out there' approach, I have set up a Facebook group this week, that I am hoping to attract as many cyclists as possible who are either in this years’ PRL 100 event or are new to cycling and want to be social, train together, use Zwift (if possible - Indoor training on a bike-trainer) or get fitter for their own events or Sunday rides.
The Facebook group is

The group has a simple approach, if you wish to join, just ask. Over the next twenty-weeks, we will follow a FREE loose training program that will allow every rider to be ready for a 100-mile ride; whether or not it is the Prudential this July.

The task will be to use your own bikes outdoors and complete the program, if you can, there is no hard and fast rules. Or if you wish to join us for group rides on Zwift, you can. You will need a set-up to do this; unless you are already on Zwift and to subscribe to them for £12 a month: Having used Zwift, this is a very good idea.
The aim is at least to meet a few times as a group and practice the real Box Hill and Leith Hill experiences. We could even have in-group competition (which I may be able to get sponsors for), for real prizes or just a free coffee and flapjack at the top of Box Hill.

Within the group there will be downloads, tips, information about indoor bike trainers, valuable information about the course and the hills, how to complete your FTP test (great for knowing your fitness levels and even better for long-ride knowledge and pacing ability), How to solve the 'SORE BUM' scenario when riding, how to use Zwift (the on-line virtual training platform that is a global phenomenon), the bike set-up you need to use Zwift and anything else our members will openly provide to help each other.

The objective is to be one team of members all helping each other, just because it’s the right thing to do.

See you there.