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I’m looking to buy also a Canyon Ultimate SLX and have a sizing dilemma - I’m 190cm tall with a 34” inside leg and currently riding a 60cm Trek Domane SLR6 which is a touch tall (but perfect reach).

The Canyon sizing recommendation is a Large but I’m worried that it’ll feel cramped. An exhaustive trawl of the t’interweb forums has left me no wiser!

My winter hack is a 58cm alloy GT Grade that fits me very well - despite GT’s size guide suggesting it should be too big for me.

Does anyone have any advice? The comparative measurements for the GT Grade I have and the large and XL Ultimates are as follows:

cided to compare measurements with my GT Grade which is a 58 and fits me perfectly....I’m 190 cm tall.

My height, 190cm

GT Grade (58cm)
Recommended rider height - 191-196
Top tube - 580
Stack - 627
Reach - 382
Head tube angle - 72
Head tube - 207
Wheelbase - 1,035
Chainstay length - 430

Ultimate SLX (XL)
Recommended rider height - 190 - 196
Top tube - 596
Stack - 613
Reach - 418
Head tube angle - 73.5
Head tube - 202
Wheelbase - 1,026
Chainstay length - 410

Ultimate SLX (Large)
Recommended rider height - 184 - 190
Top tube - 572
Stack - 592
Reach - 399
Head tube angle - 73.3
Head tube - 181
Wheelbase - 1,003
Chainstay length - 410

Any guidance appreciated!
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    If your GT Grade fits you perfectly then you're probably looking at the wrong bike in an Ultimate as it is more aggressive than the Grade (which does have a very relaxed geometry). You have to ask yourself can you live with and can your body cope with the more aggressive position of the Ultimate, especially when you consider both of your current bikes have very relaxed geometry? If you think you're going to struggle then I'd be tempted to look elsewhere. Have you looked at the Endurace?

    If you really did have your heart set on the Ultimate then I think the XL would be the better option as you still have a decent stack height but could bring the reach in with a shorter stem. If you get a L you'll always have a low front end that you'll struggle to do anything about unless you use angled stems which just look daft.

    But ultimately (excuse the pun) I think you should be looking at a bike that you will be comfortable on rather than trying to get a bike you want to fit you.
  • Hi Sledge,
    I have exactly the same height and inseam as you - I was advised by Canyon to go for a Large. It is due to be delivered today! So will let you know what it feels like when sat on it in the apartment (sadly where I live there is a foot of snow outside so won't be able to get a proper feel for it until Majorca in early March).
  • Thanks DMHR.

    Canyon's Perfect Positioning System page has me down as a Large with an inseam of 88cm with the advice 'Misentry: normally you would need a Size XL. However, your inseam length shows us your saddle height would be around 77.9cm. A Size L is therefore a better match for you.' As I'm in my 50s it's unlikely that I'll be having a 1cm growth spurt anytime soon! It's a tough one.

    I'm not looking to order for a couple of weeks and would be intrigued to hear of your experience. Majorca sounds like a perfect way to explore the new Canyon!

    Appreciate the advice dstev55 - the GT Grade fits me well as a winter plodder and one of the reasons for selling the Trek is that it was too similar to the GT in being very upright. It just didn't set the pulse racing as my 'best bike', which I use predominantly in the lumpy Yorkshire hills on rides of between 30-50 miles (with average climbs of 10k feet per 10 miles) plus the occasional century sportive.

    I have considered the Endurace but remain on the fence about the benefits (to me) of disc brakes on a bike that would be ridden 90 per cent of the time on dry roads. The disc brakes on the Domane SLR were awesome and they do imbue you with confidence when descending at speed but I never had any issues descending on the rim brakes on a Focus Izalco I had a couple of years ago. The weight of the Domane (8.7 kilos for a 60cm) was always telling when the road headed upwards.
    It's sad how Wile E. Coyote is remembered for his violence, and not for his brilliantly realistic paintings of tunnels.
  • Go get a bike fit, then order the right frame and tell Canyon which stem you'll need and they'll send you the correct one for free. You will have to return the stock stem but that's like £5 P and P.
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    The XL is closest to your GT. The L will feel very small in comparison.
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    Thanks guys.
    I've sat on an XL Ultimate this week (couldn't ride it because of the snow) and it feels good. Now looking at ordering an XL and adding a shorter stem (100m to replace the stock 110) to my order.
    It's sad how Wile E. Coyote is remembered for his violence, and not for his brilliantly realistic paintings of tunnels.