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I was going to post this in the trivial things that annoy you but this has my back up more than that.

Bit of background, me and my cousin have never particularly liked each other but we’ve tolerated each other for the sake of family unity

However, my uncle, her father was diagnosed five years ago with dementia and in the past month or so he has deteriorated rapidly but, and this is the thing that really gets my back up, she has been posting regular photos of him on Facebook which I personally find insensitive and I think I can speak on behalf of my late Mum, his brother, that this would have broken her heart to see his decline and, I think his imminent death splashed all over Facebook

I’m not asking for judgements on the situation I’m interested in what other people make of the situation


  • Unfortunately a lot of people nowadays cannot keep their own council and feel a need for attention.

    I personally don't have any sound advice I can offer other than stay away from Facebook.
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    Unfortunately a lot of people nowadays cannot keep their own council and feel a need for attention.

    True. On the other hand, should someone be hidden away because they're suffering from an illness. I've obviously no idea of the context, but maybe posting on Facebook - which can be a way to make contact with people in similar circumstances - might be part of coping with looking after a parent with dementia.
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    I tend to think that the person who should post most about a person on social media is that person themself. If they can't post for themself at all then maybe things should be kept to a minimum. I feel the same about parents posting about their babies/toddlers.....
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    I don't do FB for a variety of reasons, one being that my I don't consider my life interesting enough that the world would want to know about it.
    The other main reason is the arguments and fallings out that it causes. Just not worth it.
    As regards the OP, try not to see it from your late mother's perspective. She can't see it.
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    Facebook is a useful tool as a self updating address book. If you have a mate that looses his phone most weeks then Facebook is a pretty good place to find out this weeks details. When you start looking at the other downsides then this is where you have to be careful what you wish for.

    - It is a great way to lose your anonymity and dignity and for that I am truly glad that my formative years were pre Facebook generation.
    - The like system isolates you from differing views as any dissent is seen in a negative light whereas agreement is positive. This is a massive problem in terms of elections when linked to the problem below.
    - The information is in a lot of cases false and for people who have no background in fact checking or researching things then this leads to fairly ludicrous stories becoming true in a large number of peoples minds.
    - Young people when they should be spending their formative years forming relationships/friendships with people in front of them are instead trying to out compete each other for notoriety of fake friends

    With all technology there are upsides and downsides. However in this case maybe it would be better overall if it did not exist.