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Vision Team 30 Disc wheelset corrosion

simonh0407simonh0407 Posts: 16
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Hello all, have any of you had or heard of problems with this or any other wheelset in terms of corrosion on the steel elements of the hub?
Mine are barely 2 months old and have done around 200 miles.
All four of the contact points (flanges and QR skewer faces) where the rear wheel attaches to the frame are bleeding rust!
Not massive amounts yet but the frame is bare alloy and it looks a mess already.
Attaching a photograph is beyond me at the moment sorry but if I find a way then I'll upload one.
The front wheel is thru axle and the caps seem to be alloy so no issues there.
Non of my other bikes / wheels have had this problem before or I've never noticed it at least.
Some are really cheap and nasty, others are 13 years old, I've offered magnets to some tonight and they attract / repel, there is no corrosion visible.
These Visions are a budget wheel to my understanding but surely this can't be right?
Supplier is trying to tell me that it's normal and nothing to worry about but I'm far from happy to just accept that given my previous lack of experiencing this problem and the staining on my frame which is really disappointing.

Cheers all



  • cyclecliniccycleclinic Posts: 6,865
    are you talking about the knurled washer on the end caps. They rust unless they are high grade stainless. I have old DA skewers that where new that have gone rusty / Salt does that to thing but the grade of steel will be another cause. Rub down with foil and vinegar to remove the rustand the change the axle if it really bothers you. . -wheel building and other stuff.
  • Hello and thanks for replying.
    Yes, the end cap part of the hub that contacts the frame as well as the face of the QR skewers that also contact the frame.
    Possibilities are that maybe I have a sub standard set or the metal is of a pure quality on this wheelset, just looking to get some idea of which really.
    Current and recent bikes combined in my household number 6 with Qr skewer wheel fitting (discounting the bike in question here) and I've never noticed this on any of those.
    They range from kids / youths Halfords bikes with their standard wheels to Bontrager on my road bike so there's a reasonable range in terms of price point I think. No really exotic ones though 'm afraid.
  • I had vision metron 40's. Although they were more expensive wheels than the team 30's the end caps look the same. I never had rust on mine in 3 years of riding in all weather conditions.
    Having said that, the freehub bearings and pawl spring were a complete joke. The spring would rust and dissolve as soon as it saw water and the pawls and bearings needed regularly replacing. Vision don't even supply the pawl spring/clip as a spare, meaning either buying a complete new freehub or making a clip out of a carefully bent bit of wire. I got sick of doing this and sold the wheels.
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  • Thanks Noodleman. I'm not really surprised that I'm the only one experiencing difficulties to be honest.
    My Bianchi via Nirone turns 13 this year and there is no rust on the hub end caps / flanges or the stainless part of the quick release head.
    The manufacturer of my titanium gravel bike has thanked me for the pictures and reassured that the warranty on the frame will not be affected by rust staining.
    My contact was to express how disappointing this is and that it needs addressing.
    I've emailed Vision customer service with a picture and explanation, what do you think the chances of receiving a reply are?
    Regardless, I'll be responding to the bike manufacturer once I'm less annoyed.
  • sungodsungod Posts: 13,778
    ti/steel there may be an element of galvanic corrosion going on

    hard to be sure exactly what is rusting, is it the end caps or is it something internal seeping out?

    i'd remove the end caps to check, then apply a good waterproof grease
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  • Hello sun god, I'm getting conflicting reports as to whether or not titanium and stainless suffer from galvanic corrosion when paired.
    Apparently both are used in surgical implants without adverse effect though maybe the grade of stainless is a relevant point?
    As for the corrosion, it seems to be that water sitting in the grooves on the face edges of the hub end caps and oversize qr skewer is the culprit.
    Basically I've got a bike that either needs to remain dry or be dismantled once wet and thoroughly dried immediately.
    Not ideal given the British weather.
  • sungodsungod Posts: 13,778
    bear in mind that there's probably little if any stainless steel in the hub, for instance bearings usually aren't stainless as it's easier to get higher performance with non-stainless steels

    afaik in harsh environments a difference of 0.15v is recommended to avoid corrosion, exact figures will depend on the specific alloy of ti and type of steel that are involved, but judging by this chart the difference will be way more... ... _Table.pdf

    if you think those really are the guilty bits, put some waterproof grease on them, re-apply every few months

    if roads are salted, hose off spray after a wet ride
    my bike - faster than god's and twice as shiny
  • Thanks Sungod, I'll need to get my head around that table as it isn't my field.
    Very useful information once I've processed it hopefully.
    Top man!
  • Vision have responded, copy and paste below:-

    Thanks for your e-mail, looking at the image the corrosion appears to be on the gripper ring that contacts the frame.
    This is steel for improved durability and as with all other parts susceptible to the elements that can cause corrosion. One way to help keep corrosion at bay from contamination like salt is to rinse the bike with water to remove dirt and residue however if the bike is used frequently this can be difficult to maintain day to day.

    Call me greedy and a whinging old git if you like but non of my current other 4 bikes or previous ones have or had this issue. They do get a wash and lube after almost every ride as a matter of course, rinsing is the minimum that they get.

    Whinge over.
  • pilot_petepilot_pete Posts: 2,100
    What about drying after washing down? I use a pet dryer (like an industrial hair dryer) which is really powerful and blows hot air driving out all moisture wherever I point it on my bike. Works a treat and might solve your problem...

  • Thanks Pilot Pete, I've considered one but I use a mechanics stand which allows me to take the chain and wheels off then wash everything separately. Wheels air dry before re fitting as a rule given they get done first and put aside.
  • step83step83 Posts: 4,107
    I would just take a bit of fine wire wool to the end caps to remove the surface rust then keep on top of it with a water displacer post ride. My winter wheels usually have this on them and it is just the road grime reacting so a wipe and squirt should keep it at bay, same principle as your chain.
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