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I've got work off princess way at parkway business park. I'm driving from Leyland, Lancs and wondering where to leave the car to cycle the final bit in? Around 5 miles With the hope of avoiding some traffic on the way in and out. Any suggestions on where to leave my car?

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    The 5 mile mark would leave you at about Sale.
    Altrincham would be closer to the M56, but would be just under the 8 mile mark.

    If avoiding traffic is a priority, you can travel along Bridgewater Way to Stretford, hop back onto Edge Lane to Chorlton, & join the Fallowfield Loop* (opposite Morrisons in Chorlton) as far as Princess Parkway. From there, the footpath is shared all the way to the business park.

    It's a pretty flat journey both ways.
    Sus out the journey on a Saturday, make sure you know the way so you're not late for work, Esp where you join Princess Parkway, it can be easily missed.

    * Taking the loop is slightly longer than going down Wilbraham Road, but so much more pleasant.
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    +1 for Altrincham. There are places to leave your car near J7/8 of the M56, I used to do that when I fancied a shorter ride into the office and J7 tended to be where the traffic jam started.

    Can you park all day at the Trafford Centre? Can't offer any route advice but it's pretty handy for the M60.
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    Cheers guys

    I'm not fussed about traffic on the bike. Just avoid it in the car

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