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Cannondale supersix evo Bb options

kirk72kirk72 Posts: 9
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I have a Supersix evo disc, last years model, with the pesky pf30. It came with crappy Fsa chain rings on the si crankset. They are pretty flexy and shifting isn't that great. I fancied a stages power meter and had more discounted options for Shimano so I picked up a Durace crankset.

Question is what's the best way to convert the bb to use the shimano crankset? A full on bob replacement or just the plug in 30mm to 24mm converting caps?

anybody made the switch and reccomend something?



  • Vino'sGhostVino'sGhost Posts: 4,129
    I use a wheels mfring 24mm adapters, theyre very good. I think I’ll get the PF30 to Shimano B.B. assembly next. They’re about 60 all in and a very simple job to fit.

    I’ve also used one ☝️ f the alloy push in sheaths on a different bike which permit the use of a standard Shimano B.B. and that is excellent too.

    All of these are simple to fit but you nead a press to do properly, I personally think for the sake of £50 it’s not worth knackering an expensive frame.
  • ryan_w-2ryan_w-2 Posts: 1,162
    I’d bin the BB and buy a Hambini Engineering one piece BB...
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  • svettysvetty Posts: 1,904
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    I'd buy a Spidering and fit to Hollowgram chainset. Can get Stages to match :)

    Ebay the DA chainset to recoup costs and you're golden :D

    If you are set on replacing the entire BB, rather than buying an expensive press just get a length of threaded rod some nuts and some washers - works a treat and costs a few quid only.
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  • Ryan_W wrote:
    I’d bin the BB and buy a Hambini Engineering one piece BB...

    [Cannondale bike frames have very poor tolerances and the bottom bracket shells can often be out of specification. Some bike frames have internally routed brake cables around the bottom bracket, these particular frames will not suit Hambini Bottom Brackets. Some cannondale bikes have a sticker on the downtube that says BB30, these bikes will usually have a BB30 crankset but the bottom bracket may be BB30 or PF30.
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  • crankycrankcrankycrank Posts: 1,830
    Also a quote from Hambini.
    "Typical usage will be somewhere in the region of 2000km to 10,000km. As an example, those who watch my youtube channel will know my fastiduous maintenance schedule which consists of weekly jet washing - I change the bearings twice a year, ie 8000km between changes. Due to the low speeds involved keeping them clean is more important than keeping them greased."
    Is this really considered acceptable anymore for PF style bearings? I consider that being just broken in at that mileage for most threaded BB's that I've ever come across.
  • I'd not bother pressing in a new BB, I tried it and it was ok for a few months. But then it creaked more and more.

    I fitted this ... black.html

    Knock the aluminium cups out of the frame, screw this in, job done. It appears this ... black.html could be what you need?

    No creaks or issues since I fitted my BB. And Wheels Mfg gets good reviews, but there are other options out there.
  • Vino'sGhostVino'sGhost Posts: 4,129
    Hambini will sell you a removal tool as well which avoids the need to hammer the bearings out. I hate hammering things on my bikes
  • Kirk72 wrote:
    with the pesky pf30.

    oh shut up
    I'm sorry you don't believe in miracles
  • bobloboblo Posts: 360
    I fitted one of those Wheels Manufacturing adapters to my BB30 CAADX along with a 105 chainset as I was fed up with noise and constant fettling. I've had it in a couple of years and it's been absolutely faultless.
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