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Question regarding Pashley Para

jonathanukjonathanuk Posts: 67
edited February 2018 in Vintage bikes forum
Hope someone here can answer a few questions I have about this vintage bike design, although the one we have is probably not all that vintage in terms of age.

I've been checking online and I can generally only find images of these bikes in one colour, as in the frame and mudguards are the same (sometimes the mudguards are a metal finish instead of painted), however ours has a midnight blue frame and metallic bright red mudguards, has someone resprayed these mudguards? They are a bit dented so could be candidates for bashing out the dents and repainting or stripping, just wondering if it would be worth the effort really.

Is it possible to get the reflectors as the rear reflector from the mudguard is missing, I think the front reflector may be present but it looks like someone elected to replace it with a plain bolt (just to hold the front mudguard on) so the front reflector is not actually attached to the bike at the moment. The cables would kind of get in the way of the front reflector anyway.

Are the hub brakes serviceable? I gave the bike a test ride today and they felt a bit on-off-on, like there was a bit of a cam shape to the drum.

Were the handlebars and stem ever painted black or should they be plain alloy? If I stripped off the black paint what would be the safest way, and would I need to finish the metal at all to protect it from the elements?

Did they ever come supplied with a rack and bag? The one that's attached to ours has a very large rack bag, it barely fits under the back of the saddle with the seat at the correct height for me (a six foot ape descendant). Seems this kind of bike should have a traditional style saddle bag hanging off the Brooks saddle.

The previous owner also fitted racing slicks, barely wider than the alloy rims; I'm thinking some whitewall Delta Cruisers should fit it very nicely for cruising gentle country roads.

Thank you for any help here, it seems like a fun bike for summer days, this one just needs a bit of TLC.
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