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DT Swiss Freehub

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Hello all,
I have a 3 pawl DT Swiss freehub on my 2017 cube Stereo which has developed a bit of play around the bearing in the freehub body.
Is it possible to change this bearing or is it a new freehub body?



  • 02GF7402GF74 Posts: 1,294
    Would either need to see the hub or exploded parts diagram. Being a modern freehub, most likely the bearing is sealed type so in theory is removable by pressing it out.
  • Thanks for that, the bearing does look like a sealed unit. I'll get my LBS to take a look.
  • I've replaced the bearings in a star ratchet DT Swiss freehub and it's a piece of cake.

    If it's the same then there will be two sealed cartridge bearings with a ~20mm deep alloy spacer between the two; you should be able to use a screwdriver to gently push the alloy spacer to the side a little bit and then use something to carefully punch the outboard bearing out by the inner race. Once that's out you can remove the alloy spacer and either repeat on the inboard bearing, or use the spacer and a bearing press to press the inboard bearing out.

    Measure the bearings, order some replacements (Kinetic Bike Bearings are highly recommended IMO) and press them back into the freehub body. Piece of cake.
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