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Fulcrum Racing Sport DB freehub

londoncommuterlondoncommuter Posts: 1,550
edited February 2018 in Road buying advice
Long shot but does anyone know if a Prime freehub will work with a Fulcrum Racing Sport DB wheel?

Looks pretty similar. Annoyingly, someone else posted this question on the CRC page but they declined to answer. ... prod145153 ... pline.html

Both look equally rubbish but I'm not inclined to spend £35 replacing the one that's failed far too early on my Fulcrum wheels!

Many thanks for any help with this.


  • cyclecliniccycleclinic Posts: 6,865
    no the fulrum freehub is specific to these wheels. yes they fail early which is why I have not yet re-stocked them. I still might though they used to sell well probably because they wore out quickly but a couple of warranties dents the overall margin of a box of freehubs. I cant realistically get my money back on the warranty as it a worn bearing problem, not a fault but a aretfact of a cheap freehub that is never going to last too long for some. Use this as an excuse to get better wheels. they are cheap for a reason. -wheel building and other stuff.
  • Many thanks for confirming. Very annoying as it makes a slight nonsense of the line everyone spouts about disc wheels lasting forever. Not a lot of point having immaculate rims when the freehub dies after a year!

    Which cheap wheels have the best freehubs? Happy that bearings might need replacing but when the freewheel bit dies and can't be serviced it seems terminal. Is it only worth looking at freehubs with exposed pawls?

    Rather than throw good money after bad on these I was going to put the £35 towards maybe an Aksium disc at £70. Do you still get the Mavic scream of death of a few years ago with their hubs? Ebay seems littered with rebuilt kits with replacement bushings but I don't know if these are still relevant?
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