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Pedal Pins Replacment?

CharlieV453CharlieV453 Posts: 100
edited February 2018 in MTB workshop & tech
I'm currently running a pair of cube rfr pedals (one of the lower models available for around £35) and they use pins which are shaped like traditional bolts. This means they have a larger surface area which causes them to stick to the shoes less well. I am currently using some general trainers which work reasonably well but which have quite a soft sole so the large area of the bolt means it doesn't dig into the shoe very well. I have seen plenty of replacement pins available online but I don't wish to purchase the rfr replacements due to the issues stated. Do all pins use the same measurements in general so if I were to buy some skinnier pins such as the dmr pins would they fit? If most pins are cross compatible can anyone recommend any skinny pins that grip well?
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