Genesis Skyline - owners input appreciated

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Hi - First post here so firstly a big hello to all I haven't owned a bike since I was around 10, a trusty Peugeot mountain bike, 27 years later I am about to getting into riding again. I live in London so have decided on a Hybrid bike for short commutes via road and street , shopping runs, fitness rides and hopefully some off road trails when visiting friends in the country.

As a complete newbie I didn't want to spend a fortune in case the bike isn't used as much as I'd like to use it or the idea of biking everywhere isn't quite as perfect as in my dreams. I had been looking at a few bikes online and really liked the look of the Trek ds range and the Genesis skyline 30. Both brand new are way out of my price range so was looking to pick up one of them in the end of year sale when the 2019 models are released, until then just pick up a secondhand Trek FX cheap. I almost bought a cheap FX3 from gumtree but the seller seemed slightly shady so I decided to steer clear of it. It was however in my price range of around £150.

I have managed to find a lightly used skyline 30 2017 model for £390 from a genuine seller so I am seriously considering going for it as I won't have to purchase a 'tide over' bike or spend around £700 for the 2018 model in the sale.

I just have a few questions for any owners out there, please ignore the ignorance of a newbie ! :

1) this seems like a very good price considering that they were around £640 in the last sales when still available.
How do genesis bikes hold there value in case this experiment doesn't work out ?

2) the most important question is sizing. I can't make head nor tail of the Genesis sizing guide as a newbie. I
realize that the sizing charts are rough guides only but what size do you ride and how tall are you ? The bike I
am looking at is a large and I am 6ft - proportional leg to torso. Would this be size I am looking for or an XL ?
There is no is way to try the bike before purchase either with the seller ( to far away ) or without ordering into an
Evans store.

3) Whats your verdict on the bike itself ? The reason I was drawn to the skyline is that it is apparently as near to a
mountain bike that you can get with a hybrid. Any info on going off road with it or in mountain bike scenarios ?

4) anything I should be looking out for when buying a second hand skyline ?

Many thanks