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Dura Ace 9000 rear quick release -spindle

johnnymcg259johnnymcg259 Posts: 569
edited February 2018 in Workshop
The spindle on my rear Shimano DuraAce q/release sheared off yesterday (at the drive side). i'd ridden the bike for about 40 miles that day and cleaned it......leaving it sat afterwards in the kitchen to dry off etc. Several hours later and just by coincidence, I was walking into the kitchen when I heard something 'pop' from where the bike was standing and on closer inspection the nut had popped off the rear q/release....sheared off! There was about 1cm of spindle left in the nut. The spindle has hardly ever been used as the D/Ace wheels they are on are my second pair and don't get much use really.

Maybe I had cross threaded the thing when installing? Who know's? Has anyone else ever heard of this please?

I was just happy it didn't happen whilst barrelling down a hill at 35mph! :shock:
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