Felt F5x Cyclocross (2018) advice/experience?

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Hi CC aficionados,

I am in the market for a cc, coming from 10years of hard tail MTB I wanted to switch things up since I moved to the US but not go all the way to road only. So, CC seemed like the natural habitat.

Initially I was looking at a Giant TCX and the Crux but then ended up checking out the Felt lineup. I have really good deal on a 2018 Felt F5x, it's a floor model that was never ridden so I guess they just need the space. But it seems almost impossible to find some reviews about the Felt, even reaching out to Felt on social media (with really amazing support and response time for all my tech related questions), they admitted that the F5x is not really covered yet.

Anyways, was hoping someone here has some experience or opinions about the Felt Fx series, any input would we welcome.




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    Ask Wout Van Aert.
  • Webboo wrote:
    Ask Wout Van Aert.

    ...is that what 'she' said?

    Anyway, Wout seems pretty triple happy with his Fx, I am just looking for some Felt cyclocross riders from this earth
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    Plenty of reviews available of earlier models of the F5X, so the 2018 model is unlikely to be much different. Also, the convention is 'CX', not 'CC'...
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    Not the same but I have a 2014 Felt F65x and it is a great bike, does everything I need and a smash it about a bit with little regard for its safety or mine.

    I am running 5700 10 speed and have changed to 1x and have no issues, the frame and forks are heavy (mine is alu) but bullet proof, and the felt wheels are also heavy but bombproof, although after years of abuse (mines an ex demo) the wheels have now just given up the ghost and that's because they need new bearings and it will cost more to replace them than the wheels are worth.

    Looking at the spec of the one you are looking to buy, as long as it fits you I cant see where you will go wrong.
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