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Cycling glasses recommendation for Bell Super 3 Mips

jonathanukjonathanuk Posts: 67
edited February 2018 in MTB buying advice
I've just discovered today that my current el-cheapo glasses are a touch wide for my new Bell helmet which I wore properly for the first time today, they dig in at the sides so end up being gripped by the helmet and pushed down onto my nose rather than just sitting on the nose bridge as they did with my old Bell helmet (which was much more open all round).

I don't have an amazing amount of money to spend so anything designer is out, looking to spend no more than about £30 but open to suggestions up to about £80 (in case there's a sale on!) My current glasses cost £12 and have worked very well, I will continue to wear these with my other helmet on the road.

I would wear glasses with the Bell Super 3 mostly for woodland riding in all seasons and open moors in the summer so preferably will have a clear set and full shade set, interchangeable lenses are a possibility but two pairs better.
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