Disc Brake Maintenance/Care Advice needed

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Just got my first bike with disc brakes. A Boardman CX Comp. Really pleased with it. I am using it to commute to work and have all sorts of good intentions of keeping it well maintained and clean !

What is the best way to look after the rotors for the brakes ? I see some You Tube videos suggest wiping them with alcohol. Is this a good idea/necessary ?

I've worked out how to realign the calipers after the front brake was rubbing, but any advice on how to keep these brakes in good working order and what to not do would be very much appreciated.


  • whyamihere
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    Leave them alone as much as possible.

    If they do need it (they'll start making a screeching noise and lose power if they get contaminated) then isopropyl alcohol is the best cleaner.
  • Many thanks for advice, i can def do that. Much appreciated
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    Just rinse with water if they get dirty or muddy.

    IPA as mentioned, is ok for nasty road gunk.

    Don't use anything sold as brake cleaner meant for cars.
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  • If you get some crud on them - try a hard braking episode (15-20mph to an emergency stop) or two to scorch it off before cleaning.
  • Thanks to all for the useful advice
  • gbsahne001
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    check the thickness of pad from time to time....just changed a set of pads on the commuter and the old ones were worn down to the backplate, save for a very thin layer of braking material. Had I not changed them, then I suspect the rotors (and possibly me) would have been toast.
  • Man Of Lard
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    Without the pad facing material they just don't work... Lots of shrieking (from the brakes) and an AG2r shorts moment... Been there done that.