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Heads up - B'ham canal/towpath safety

RockhoundRockhound Posts: 20
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Felt I had to share this and warn others:-

Wife works in Birmingham (NHS) across multiple hospitals. She told me today that quite a few of her colleauges who ride to work have been victim of thugs loitering along parts of the canal towpaths - smashing riders in the face/chest with metal pipes, one of the neurosurgeons got hit on the head with a machete (irony, pun intended!?). Thankfully he was wearing a decent helmet which took the full brunt of the hit and he managed to get away unhurt and still in possession of his bike, and the machete still stuck to the helmet!

Not everyone has been lucky to escape unhurt - one of the nurses affected is still undergoing multiple facial reconstruction surgeries after being hit across the face with a baseball bat - thankfully a dog walker came by afterwards to find her motionless bleeding and called an ambulance. They left the bat at the scene.

Plods didn't seem interested in doing (or don't have time to do) anything other than provide case references (after much persistence).

When I mentioned this to my LBS guy this morning in Warwick, he warned me that he's heard of riders being hurt from barbed wire being tied across the towpath, from hedges/fences to mooring posts/rings.

Thankfully daytime is lasting longer so hopefully this nonsense will not be as common/widespread.

Safe commuting to you all.


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