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Old Marin Frame Pivot Hardware Question.

bobbydigitalbobbydigital Posts: 254
edited April 2018 in MTB workshop & tech
I bought an old Marin frame from a well known auction site, it arrived and I notice their was play in at the bottom pivots, the pivots I replaced but the problem still persists, I think it's missing some sort of spacer(s) or washer(s) so if anyone has experience of this frame and can advise I'd be thankful.

This is the frame, no idea what model it is,

I can move the subframe left and right, this is pushed far right. Total gap is probably 5mm.


Current hardware to connect the subframe to the main frame at the bottom mount.


  • lpretro1lpretro1 Posts: 237
    Have you changed the DU bushings in the shock eyelets. They may be worn
  • The shock is upgrade to fox float one but the only play is at the bottom between swing arm and frame, I've seen some pictures of the hardware and I'm missing 2 washers but no idea on the sizes.
  • Whitey#1Whitey#1 Posts: 3
    I think I have exactly what you need BobbyDigital, I had the same problem with my 98 B17 and had to get some of the little stepped washers you need made and I have a few left over if you would like to by two mate ?
  • Whitey#1Whitey#1 Posts: 3
    The Little stepped washers I mentioned sit just behind the bearing in the swing arm and then they rest against the main frame stopping the two pieces of frame from touching each other. I would take a picture and upload it but i'm not sure how to do it on the forum mate lol
  • I think that sounds right but as of yet I've only see one picture of the things so no idea, even Marin didn't help me because bike is "too old" to deal with.

    You need to use imgur account, upload your image there and then you click on your image and it will give you a list of links to copy, one the links will be for "messaging boards" and you post that link here, it will look something like [img] This is the only picture I've seen but now idea if they are the ones or their size.[/img]YOfnlz6.jpg
  • Whitey#1Whitey#1 Posts: 3
    Hi BobbyDigital, I got your message but can't find how to reply sorry lol, as i say im new to this forum and im finding it pretty difficult to navigate via a smartphone as i don't have a computer, however im on social media i.e Facebook (Adam White) or you could just give me a call on 07926021412 and I'll send pics of the spacers i have via WhatsApp mate.
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