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Show me your commuter cockpit!

RockhoundRockhound Posts: 20
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Ok, Ok, I know, I apologize for the clickbait, but I really do need your help...

For the past four years, I've been commuting year-round on my trusty old GT Aggressor hardtail and sticking to canal towpaths/muddy walkways in Warwickshire. The route tends to vary slightly to keep things interesting so distance ranges between 6 and 9 miles each way. I've now reached my fill (especially during wet/winter months) of having to clean and unclog the drive-train daily and more-so the cost of having to replace the chain/cassette every 6 months if not sooner from the associated wear and tear. Everyone I've spoken with says sticking to tarmac/roads will be cleaner/easier and I'd also be able to take on much longer routes in order to get more exercise into my daily routine.

I have a GT Grade Carbon Ultegra (which I absolutely love as it fits perfectly to my physique and riding style) as my pride and joy for the weekend rides. I only tend to have the Wahoo Elemnt on the out-front mount (and an Exposure Strada light when needed). So the handlebar's pretty clear and uncluttered.

In the spirit of n+1, I've lined up getting the GT Grade Carbon Tiagra via Cyclescheme (I just cannot trust leaving the Grade Ultegra locked outside all day at work). And this is where your help is much appreciated and needed because for commuting I will have:-
- Tomtom Bandit (Surprise Xmas present - I'd have preferred an SJCam SJ6)
- Exposure strada light
- Wahoo Elemnt
Potentially I'm also thinking of a phone case/mount (might go with keeping this on the top tube instead)

I'm struggling with how best to set up all the kit and how to keep the handlebars neat and tidy. I was thinking of using a K-Edge stem mount for the Elemnt, and then having the Bandit and Strada on either side of the stem as centrally as possible on the handlebars. I definitely won't use the mount that came with the Bandit - it's hideously massive/bulky. I've been looking at using a GoPro mount since the Bandit comes with adapters that will fit -


The exposure light will most likely have to stick to the standard Exposure bracket - not sure how studry/reliable their out-front stem-bracket mount really is. I'd hate to lose the Strada light - it's been brilliant and they don't come cheap even when on sale.

With the way the Bandit is designed it feels like it's going to be a pain to use a combo mount for it and the Elemnt given that the Bandit will be upside down so accessing the screen and option buttons sounds like a pain.

Any suggestions/advice on what setup you think would work best/be neatest or what to avoid?

Thank you in advance for reading and for your help.


  • fenixfenix Posts: 5,437
    I've never seen the attraction of a phone on the bars. It's not needed and is just a distraction.

    Computer on the stem ? Light on the right of it. Camera on the left.

  • Computer on out front mount.

    Lights can go:
    Under stem
    Under bars
    On top of bars

    Camera can go on any of the above, or even under the out front mount if you get the right thing 3d printed.
  • keef66keef66 Posts: 13,123
    Think if i'd been commuting the same routes for years I'd likely stick the computer and phone in a back pocket and just have the light and camera on the bars.

    Less to remember to take off when you arrive too.
  • Light on right, Phone on left, feet on pedals.
  • Lights on one side of the bars, camera on the other.

    Don't bother with the Wahoo for such a short commute, if you want to record the miles just use Strava on your phone in your pocket.
  • redveeredvee Posts: 11,922
    Garmin on an outfront style mount with GoPro and front light side by side underneath.
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  • Thanks for all your help everyone. Think I've decided to go with:-
    Wahoo Elemnt on Stem using K-Edge adjustable mount
    Exposure Strada light using it's own mount on the right side of stem on handlebar
    Tomtom Bandit using K-Edge Go Big handlebar mount on left side of stem on handlebar

    On the old hardtail, I had the VDO M6 on the stem and the Exposure Strada on the handlebar. Guess just need to get used to slightly larger Element and the addition of the Bandit.

    The phone will stay in the Humvee shorts pocket (it tends to get condensation between case and phone whenever it's in the jacket).

    Funnily enough, the wife's just told me that she is glad that I'm switching from towpaths to commuting on the road - seems the crooks are back at it again...
  • redveeredvee Posts: 11,922
    Rockhound wrote:
    Thanks for all your help everyone. Think I've decided to go with:-
    Wahoo Elemnt on Stem using K-Edge adjustable mount
    Exposure Strada light using it's own mount on the right side of stem on handlebar.

    Why not go with a K-Edge Go-Pro mount with Element above and a Raceware mount below where you can mount the Strada.

    Garmin-Exposure1.png ... unt-large/

    This mount is something I asked Martyn to make as I had a Magicshine light on the bars that I put under the computer with this mount.
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  • inbikeinbike Posts: 264
    If you've got a modern, waterproof, phone then the QuadLock system works well.

    I've got an S7 in a Spigen case with a quadlock adapter attached to the back using 3M tape. It survived the 1,400km of London-Edinburgh-London no problem despite terrible roads and several downpours.
  • Hi Redvee, Thank you for the pic and info. Will deffo look into that. Liking the red on black in that pic a lot!

    Hi Inbike, Thank you for the suggestion of the quadlock. I've got a Sony Xperia so only water resistant not waterproof. Decided that dont need both phone and wahoo on show given that the Elemnt can show calls/texts/notifications. In the past I used the phone to take pics but given that I'll have the Bandit now, no real need to have the phone out.

    It's taking time to sink in my old brain (manflu might have something to do with it) that the new devices/set up means no need to have everything out on display and as Keef66 said, less to put on at the start of the ride and to take off at the end.

    Thanks for the help and advice once again. Have ordered some mounts and accessories. Coincidentally, the new bike is also on its way. Can't wait to start fettling (hopefully) at the weekend - hating being stuck indoors with this bloody flu.
  • prawnyprawny Posts: 5,438
    If I can remember I'll take a picture of my current setup later, I've got my phone in a topeak drybag on the stem, Garmin 810 on an outfront mount, one light either side on the bars, and a gopro under the bars under one of the lights.

    I might swap the gopro for one of the lights, as it's hard to see if it's recording where it is, but otherwise I'm happy with it. Couldn't fit anything else on there though.
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  • prawnyprawny Posts: 5,438
    I remembered!!


    Saracen Tenet 3 - 2015 - Dead - Replaced with a Hack Frame
    Voodoo Bizango - 2014 - Dead - Hit by a car
    Vitus Sentier VRS - 2017
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