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henderson_mk - Warning

zefszefs Posts: 484
So this person was interested in some wheels I am selling and after discussing through pm's he sent me the payment via paypal. His address was not registered on paypal so I wouldn't be able to be covered by paypal incase anything happened, I refunded the payment and told him to add his address and do the payment again but all of a sudden he isn't interested in the wheels anymore.

After doing some research if the item is delivered on "an address" the buyer gives you (he had his on payment notes) they can then claim that they never received the item and dispute with paypal (although they may have already received the item).


  • zefszefs Posts: 484
    I found the information about this matter on this forum:
    I would recommend to not accept payments from people that provide you with the address by other means. The address should be visible on the payment itself as well as a "Seller Protection - Eligible" statement as shown below:
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