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NCN 48

Plumby BabyPlumby Baby Posts: 82
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A shot in the dark this.

Anyone use/used the NCN 48 between Syston and Leicester? I work in Leicester town centre and my current commute is 10 miles of pretty ok roads to be fair.

For an extra 3 miles of fun I can go a longer way into work pretty much 90% of the way along a canal path (Grand Union Canal) and the River Soar. It also goes through Watermead Park. It won’t be a quick route but the scenery will be great and worth leaving the house earlier for.

Anyone familiar with it?


  • Hi

    Yes, I use the route from Thurmaston to Leicester almost daily, and from Thurmaston to Syston several times a month.

    There's even a tiny bit of SCR on the route.

  • FuzzyDuck were you by any chance on the NCN 48 last night about 5.15pm? A cyclist joined me just after De Montford and I followed him all the way to the woolly mammoth at Thurmaston. I kept thinking shall I shout "Are you fuzzy duck?". I just had a feeling but it could have been a dodgy lamb tikka.

    I was just about to open my mouth but then I thought of the quite brilliant "Grey squirrel?" sketch from Trigger Happy TV and bottled it.

    You were all in black with a purple kinda bike. Think it had purple overtones anyway.

    So Mr Fuzzy, were you there?
  • At 45 seconds for the unaware...
  • It might have been me.

    I own both a GT Grade Which is kinda purplish, and a Scott Scale 960 which is most definitely not. I would have been on the Grade that day. I NEVER wear lycra because I'm too chunky. :evil:

    I drop onto the river at the bottom of The Rally, and either go through Abbey Park, or go straight down the towpath, then right at the mammoth.

    But you should always shout "are you Fuzzy Duck?" at fellow cyclists. What could possibly go wrong? :twisted:
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