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Brompton ti seatpost length

veryslowtwitchveryslowtwitch Posts: 321
edited February 2018 in The workshop
I have a telescopic seatpost which is a big chunk of steel which I would like to change to a cheapo ti post.

my post plus extension is set at 585mm. Saddle on lower pentaclip rail. Bottom of post to saddle surface is 615mm.

Length options on cheapos appear to be either 535mm which is about 20mm to short or 600mm which is 20mm too long. I want to pull the post out to full extension and just ride, not fiddle with height.

Of course the original ti post is available at 580mm but costs £200.

Anyone know a source of 560-585 ti posts for under £100? The pentaclip gives about 15mm vertical adjustment so I should be fine with this range.




  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    Can't you use the plastic insert and cut it to give you the perfect height ? I had one but my long seatpost is precisely right for me at the top of its height so I didn't use it.

    Is there much difference in weight between the two steel and ti ?

    Oh I googled. About 185gr. I don't think I'd notice. I have fitted magnetic clamps to mine and that's worth doing.
  • Hi thanks, good idea, I presumed the bottom end and post clamp would be a fixed length but I’ll have a look and see if there is any tweaking. Where do the magnetic clamps go? I’ve been looking for self-centring clamps fir main hinge but can’t see any at present. They would save vital 2 secs.
    I don’t suppose I’ll save a lot of weight but the seatpost extension clamp fouls my rear light and is just an extra thing to stick out and go wrong. Also ti is always cool.
  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    Ti is cool. Definitely.

    Yes the cosmos auto centre so the unfolding is Just that bit quicker. You'll love them.
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