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Question about brake cable's outer casing (Specialized Diverge 2016 A1)

BikenoobBikenoob Posts: 2
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Hello! Okay, it is most likely a stupid question, but I hope someone will clarify to me this situation of mine:)

I am setting up my first custom bike based on the Specialized Diverge A1 (2016 model) bike's frame. At the moment I am running through all the cables and stuck a bit with the rear brake cable.

There is a hole in the frame for rear brake cable - does the outer cable goes through the whole length of the frame tube inside or just till the top hole and the only 'naked' wire (inner cable) goes till it emerges out from the frame? I hope you could understood what I meant :) maybe someone has same bike and could check? :)
I have uploaded the picture with the top hole.
Thanks! i am looking forward to hearing from you!


  • Mine appears to go right through the whole length.Presume you are using cable brake,don’t forget to use compressionless housing (I have jagwire on mine).I could not get on with spyre
    brakes and switched to Hy/Rd with swissstop organic pads,much better.
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