Best Road Bikes for Commuting...?

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Hello all,
I’m looking for some advice and suggestions…
I currently commute about 9 miles each way to work in central London, and this is likely to increase to around 11-12 before long, with a pretty steep hill. I’ve been using a Ridgeback Velocity hybrid for the past few years, which has been great – sturdy and practical in terms of dealing with potholes and carrying shopping, etc. But I’m looking to get something quicker and lighter to cut down the time of the commute (at present around an hour each way).
So I’m looking for a road bike with a decent number of gears (to cope with the hills on the route) and the option to add paniers & mudguards. Something light, quick and comfortable. My budget is up to £1,000.

Does anyone have any suggestions that I should consider? I've seen the Whyte Dorset online, which looks like it could be an option. I'd be really grateful for any ideas....
Many thanks


  • How much riding do you do outside of work, and what's your budget for running costs? I have a (very) mid-range GT Legato 3 that I got second hand for commuting and threw on some panniers, aero bars (likely less useful in London) and mudguards. It's not the fastest or lightest bike in the world, but the 700x28c tyres are great in all conditions, and the parts are really standard and easy/cheap to replace. Also has 3 rings on the front, so plenty of range for some steep climbs in my area. Only aspect I'm going to change is the awful flat handlebar - definitely get drops if possible.

    The money I save on the commuter goes on my more fun-orientated road and mountain bikes - but then again extenuating circumstances leave my budget relatively tight in comparison to some. I'd suggest looking at second hand GTs and Carreras, but that's just me.
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    Even getting a lighter bike, isn't going to dramatically reduce your transit time, as I suspect the traffic lights hold you up in the main.
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    gbsahne wrote:
    Even getting a lighter bike, isn't going to dramatically reduce your transit time, as I suspect the traffic lights hold you up in the main.
    I am currently commuting on a carrera subway which i did a drop bar conversion on and slicks, weighs a ton and over just under 10 miles its about 2 mins slower than my road bike commuter, rolls well enough but its the hills that kill it , got to be getting on for 20 kg loaded.
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  • Personally I wouldn't get anything with better than a 10-speed Tiagra groupset. 90% of my miles are commuting and it pains me every time I have spend on replacement 11-speed chains, cassettes and chainrings just to see them filthy after 1 round trip.
  • ribble winter audax, £700 basic -£1000 for ultegra version. You can fit a carrier and panniers, highly recommended. 25mm tyres are ok for most roads.

    Dorset whyte is ok but has sora tractor parts.
  • Worth having a look at the BTwin offerings from Decathlon, very good value for money and you can easily try them for size and fit. Parts can be upgraded as and when they wear out.