Your thoughts on the Gaimon books and the current Cancelara challenge

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I saw the Gaimon books recommended here in the "books" topic. I started with Draft Animals then read the $10/day book while on trips for work.

I follow a little bit of the news online and the KOM chasing youtube videos. If you read the book you're watching someone's dream die and hopefully transform to something new in the coming years. But when he posted up his birthday picture with a cookie the other day, damn the dude just looked tortured.

I feel like he's having a bit of trouble letting go and perhaps the KOM chasing thing with the sponsorships he has are a little too close to home as a reminder. And for him, it's fairly public with the books and news.

After reading what someone wrote where they open up to talk, you kind of feel bad for them.

I wish him the best, but without some longer term "happiness and business" plans on the horizon to get further from "racing"......I could see the current path leading to a total crash and burn out.