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Parcel forwarders, any experience?

AndymaxyAndymaxy Posts: 197
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After a long wait Canyon finally came to USA. However, it's extremely frustrating to hear that the bike I want won't be avaliable until 2019. So to the hell with it, I'm just going to buy one off their German website.

To do this I obviously need a parcel forwarder, as I don't have any friends or relatives in Europe. There are only five companies out there that could possibly do this
2. Airnshop
3. Tip trans
4. Bpm parcel station
5. Boarderlinx

Anyone have any experience with any of these? Doesn't have to be cycling related.

By the way, how much should I expect to pay for custom duty?


  • Not used any of the above forwarders before and can't really comment on the US customs method but if its similar in the reverse direction e.g. US to the UK - we would expect to pay 20% VAT on the price + x% customs duty (if applicable to the item being purchased, different %'s on item categories)

    You should be able to do some searching and find the figures in reverse for you!

    Hope this helped a bit!
  • Hi, parcel forwarding is generally great, been using it for a long time, never had a bad experience, to anyone using these services for European purchases I would suggest Ubidoca for France and Sourcingitaly for Italy, while for Germany you don't need a choice of five companies, Mygermany is more than fine.
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