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My wife is taking my daughter away fro a weekend in April, so I am keen to take myself and my son off to an MTB skills day, as he hasn't really ridden off-road, and it's been a long while since I did it seriously. Can anybody recommend any companies providing these kind of courses in the West/North Yorkshire area (we are in Leeds but willing to travel to Dalby or Gisburne, or similar for the right course)? Ideally it would be just the 2 of us, but happy to be part of a small group.
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    If you look on British Cycling you can get a list of certified individuals ...

    I'm not altogether sure how it would works out though with one session vs 2 vs group.

    I recently did a skills course and had initially thought I would do it with Jnr (8).. but I ended up doing it myself for various reasons and that probably was serendipitous.

    We are both fairly experienced but have different areas/levels we need to work on and different bad habits.
    It's just my perception but I'd say either a group (for cost reasons) or one-2-one.... would be best.
    Depending on age/maturity and what you expect it's also probably good for kids to be in groups of similar aged/ability kids...

    For your level (off road) I'd also say you are going to benefit from somewhere with a skills area where a coach can work on specific skills. I don't remember anywhere at Guisburn (at least at your level - e.g. there is the Hope Line but you need to be happy and confident doing gap jumps etc).... and never been to Dalby.

    A really good place if you drive a bit further could be Cannop/FOD. They have a big skills area and coaches who are used to teaching kids.
  • Absolutely!

    Andy at Performance MTB does an amazing job and is a top bloke. Would definitely check him out (and he might be able to travel too).