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Which one would you buy? Boardman Comps VS GT Grade Elite Flat Bar VS Triban 520 Flat Bar

malahousemalahouse Posts: 16
edited January 2018 in Road buying advice
Hi Everyone

I am looking for some buying advice - Would you be able to recommend any of these following bikes? I have a budget of £400-£500 and I am looking to buy a quick all-rounder city/park/trail light bike that can be used across the London roads, the occasional park trails, as well as the rare 1 day touring experience.

I am undecided amongst these Flat handlebar hybrids? ... 9cm-frames ... road-bike/ ... 22799.html?

I had the chance to see the Triban 520 for myself but I feel that its frame thickness makes it more of road bike than
a hybrid and I am concerned that I would struggle around light trails and London potholes.

The GT grade seems solid and well-made, though slightly heavier due to disk brakes and alloy/carbon. I am concerned that it may be a bit too slow though. Also, I can`t find a physical store that will stock it. I would have to order it online and return if unwanted.

I like the look of the Boardman and it seems to strike the right compromise between agility and durability. Yet, I am unsure whether the 18 gears will be sufficient for the occasional climb. In addition, it does not have carbon forks.

If they all costed the same, which one would you buy?? Thanks!
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