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Brake cable route on top tube

sextoke1sextoke1 Posts: 133
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Hello, My Focus Cayo 2015 rear brake is wired to the left shifter. The outer cable is unbroken for it whole route, it goes in the top tube for most of its length....My questions are as follows.
1. With cable guides going into the top tube, the cable keeps pushing forward all the time, even with cable ties on it, it keeps going forward, is there a way to stop this, or is it normal?
2. Can I get some sort of cable stops that I can put in both ends of the top tube, then have only the inner cable going through the top tube?
3. If I am stuck with having to let the outer cable run the full length, can I stop the banging of the outer cable against the inner wall of the top tube on rough roads?


  • 1. Can't comment but it sounds like it's normal and just a characteristic of a fully shielded cable.
    2. Extremely unlikely that you could satisfactorily attach two cable stops. They would have to be clamped onto the tube and would only work on a perfectly round tube - and probably only a possibility on a steel frame. Even if you could, the inner would have to be on the outside of the top tube.
    3. The rattling is a feature of this type of routing. It could possibly be reduced or eliminated by either lengthening or shortening the overall length of the outer. This could take hours of testing and you'd have to remove the existing outer (and bar tape) to prove the various options. Not really an option.
    One possible solution could be to put several plumbers o-rings onto the outer to muffle any rattling. They're available in various sizes and they would just need to grip the outer with friction to stay put. A box can be bought off ebay for a few quid. You'd only need to extract the cable from the top tube holes and thread it back in.
  • fenixfenix Posts: 5,437
    A pal of mine was frustrated with the cable noise off his bike. He returned it to be fixed several times.

    Turned out it wasn't the cable at all - it was his pump rattling. So eliminate everything else first as I dont think you can do much about this.
  • paulbnixpaulbnix Posts: 524
    My Px Maratona had an annoying cable rattle in the top tube.
    I eliminated most of the noise by ramming bits of foam from a Decathlon swimming float down the top tube as there was an opening into the head tube.
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