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What road bars to buy?

rampage7110rampage7110 Posts: 89
edited January 2018 in Road buying advice
Hi, I'm looking to buy some new road bars for my Trek 1.2 Alpha road bike.
I need 44cm width.
What I am struggling with is finding bars that are comfortable on the drops. I find most of them too round and not at all comfortable. I'm wondering if this is because I have quite big hands?
I generally like having my hands on the hoods but second option is on the drops (especially if I take it round a trail centre!), I have carpel tunnel syndrome, so it's good to be able to change position.

Any advice please?


  • mrb123mrb123 Posts: 3,733
    Not sure what you mean by too round. Handlebars by their nature are tubular in shape.

    You could have a look at some of the Ritchey bars with the anatomic bend which have a straightened section as part of the drops. Something like this... ... 7Qodk7wCAQ

    I personally like Deda Zero 100 bars which give a nice transition from hoods to drops, but what works for one person might not work for another.
  • Thanks, yes its the bend under where the levers sit that I find uncomfortable.
    I have some WTB dirt drops that are good, but they weigh 520g and I want to use them on a CX bike I'm building.
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