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Cero AR30 Evo or Hunt Race Aero Wide?

itshowfarʔitshowfarʔ Posts: 14
edited February 2018 in Road buying advice
Looking to upgrade my wheelset from Bontrager Racelites on my Madone to either of these.

They both get 10/10 reviews and great feedback but wondered what the longer term thoughts and feelings were and longevity?

Would appreciate your thoughts. £375 is my budget limit.



  • beanstalkbeanstalk Posts: 143
    I would go for the Hunt wheels -> wider rim and more spokes.
  • shortfallshortfall Posts: 3,287 ... 1-wheelset
    I have a pair of the above which I believe are built with the same rim as the Hunt but with Sapim spokes and Miche hubs. My experience with the Borg is that it is a strong and stiff wheel that rides beautifully when paired with IRCC tubeless tyres. CycleClinic also provides excellent after sales service.
  • Are either of these actually an upgrade from the Race Lites?
    I'm sorry you don't believe in miracles
  • The Racelites aren't particularly light.
  • shortfallshortfall Posts: 3,287
    Based on my own experience (so an entirely unscientific sample of one) my Borg wheels are slightly heavier than the Zonda clinchers they replaced. However they are more comfortable to ride (probably due to the IRC tubeless tyres and wider rims) whilst being every bit as stiff (I'm resisting an overwhelming urge to include the usual wheel related clichés about rolling well etc). I loved my Zonda's but the Borgs are a better wheelset, the few extra grammes are totally unnoticeable.
  • ItsHowFar? wrote:
    The Racelites aren't particularly light.

    Oh, I thought you said you wanted to upgrade.
    I'm sorry you don't believe in miracles
  • w00dsterw00dster Posts: 880
    The Race Lites are about 1520 grams, I'm just pointing out the weight. ... odel_11060

    I've got a set of the Hunts, they are pretty nice looking. Don't feel any different than the Race Lites I've got. Race Lites came as stock on a number of my bikes. Being honest though I haven't used the Race Lites for years but that's more out of a bit of wheel snobbery than anything else.
    I'm guessing you have the older model Madone? Would probably look better with something deeper, is saving up for a more aero wheel set an option? Cero RC45 and Prime are mentioned on here a bit.
  • The Racelites are from 2008. I've weighed them without tyres, cassette and skewers and they come in at 1,995g. Rider weight 70kgs, so not an issue.
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