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chaymckchaymck Posts: 152
edited January 2018 in Road buying advice

Looking for recommendations, as I can only see kinesis frames which meet all my requirements.

Bike will be used for 20 mile commute, winter training. All on road. So comfort over out and out speed, relaxed position ideally long wheel base. Happy to purchase as frame only.

I would like;
Clearance for min 28min tyres with mudguards
Mudguard eyelets
External BB, no press fit
Through axle front and rear, so disks
Prefer external cables
Aluminium over carbon or steel.
Weight 9kg ish. Or less
No fixed budget but limit 2k ish for complete bike

Any ideas? I can find loads of bikes which meet most but not all the requirments.

Bmc road machine


  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    I'd also check out the Boardman CX range. I think it ticks a lot of the boxes.
  • arlowoodarlowood Posts: 2,538
    Don't think you'll be able to satisfy all of your wish list.

    However the On One Space Chicken comes close-ish. It does have the threaded BB, the thru axle drop-outs, the mudguard and pannier mounts and it will take up to 48mm tyres (probably without guards tho). Available frame only if you want to build your own spec. ... ce-chicken

    Variations from your spec are that it is carbon and has internal cable routing. Appears only to be available with SRAM 1 x drivetrain if that's also a deal breaker.

    Review of a 60cm build is in the link below where the weight is quoted at 9.2kg. Smaller frames will be a bit less I would imagine ... r-bike-kit
  • I’d get the BMC if you can afford it.
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