Drops to Flat conversion

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Hi I've got an Orbea Onix 10 x 3 Campagnolo cassette. I want to convert bars to straight. LBS says cost a fortune.
Decathlon sell complete bar including shifters and brakes for incredible €50. Make SCRAM.
Can I in your opinion change Cassette to Scram or are the wheel hub special to Campagnolo cassette?
If this is the case I have to get a new wheel, Is Scram and Shimano compatible.?
Finally what about front treble derailleur will that need changing?

The other option is sell the bike and buy Hybrid however I love the bike it's just that the top part of my spine has aged too much!!!

Replies much appreciated


  • sean02ie
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    Much appreciate advice I will kee the drops for the moment and try talk to LBS regarding altering stem position as suggested.
    Thank you.
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    Hi sean,

    Although I'm not familiar with the bike, let alone a modern bike, I can agree with your LBS that it's not a simple conversion as you might have initially anticipated. If you go the Decathlon idea, you'll probably end up spending as much and it might not feel quite right after all.

    I realise that you like your Onix, but it might be much less hassle and time saving if you look for another bike with a more comfortable set up. Unless, as your LBS mentioned, they can adjust the front end of your Onix to provide more upright position.

    Good luck and happy cycling!
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    If its just your back i would look at your bike fit re stem height and reach, as well as bar ends maybe?
    To change to flats it will cost a bit, new rear mech, rear wheel or change the hub as campag hubs dont take sram/ shimano cassettes and the campag mechhas different cable pull to shimano/ sram so it will not work well with other shifters.
    Then you need bars. shifters, stem etc .
    It all adds up
    I did a conversion from flat to drops as i didnt get on with it as a i have dodgy shoulder , i ended up with bar end shifters with linear pull brake levers as road and mtb discs have different cable pull .
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    Flats will put you in the same riding position as riding with your hands on the top of the bars, is it really that much benefit?

    If you swap to flat bars you will need new shifter and brake levers, the ones from Decathlon (which I presume are SRAM and not from a new brand I've never heard of) sounds OK, (but you could get cheaper used), plus you'll be changing loads of other bits as they won't work with Campag, including the rear wheel.
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